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"I love Windsor and like all who live here I want to preserve its small town feel.  At the same time I recognize we must maintain a healthy economic environment to allow the Town to remain vibrant and continue to provide the excellent services its residents have come to expect.  I am driven by attention to detail and data driven analysis of problems and solutions.  I am fiscally conservative and take seriously my obligation to oversee the prudent investment of taxpayer dollars on core government services. I use the priorities below to guide my government spending decisions."



Windsor is recognized as one of the safest towns in Colorado.  At the same time, we must remain focused and continue to fund our Windsor police, both in terms of manpower and equipment, at the highest priority.  Windsor and surrounding communities are growing rapidly, and with that growth comes increased opportunities for crime of all types.


While I typically think of streets and traffic controls as an element of infrastructure, as congestion grows, and streets, intersections and crosswalks do not keep pace, they also become a safety issue.  Drivers become impatient, run red lights, and don't yield for pedestrians.  We need to set a priority to develop and continually update Windsor's traffic plan and make street and traffic control improvements to address existing congestion and plan better traffic controls in critical areas BEFORE even more congestion and unsafe situations occur.


Many of Windsor's traffic issues cannot be addressed in isolation.  It will take regional cooperation and planning, including multi-party negotiations with neighboring communities, county governments, and the Colorado Division of Transportation, to address many of Windsor's traffic issues.


Windsor has added about 10,000 new residents in the last four years!!  Much of the Town's infrastructure, but especially roads, intersection, and cross-walks, were built for a town of 10,000 on total.  We've grown beyond our current infrastructure, and need to create an urgent plan to address congestion, inefficient intersections, and unsafe cross-walks.  This will be my primary focus as Mayor, and I will work with surrounding communities to make sure we have a regionally co-ordinated effort.


A sometimes overlooked area of the Town infrastructure is its information technology network.  To prevent cybercrime and protect the information of our Town and our citizens, these systems must constantly be evolving and improving. The rate of change in the threats present is extremely rapid, and a well-trained staff with the right resources is critical to assess and respond to these risks on a continuous basis.


Access to a reliable potable water resource is critical throughout Colorado.  Windsor is no different. Windsor currently owns sufficient water rights to serve the community for the near future, but that is also dependent on the rate of growth - residential, commercial and industrial.  We must have sufficient water for new homes, and to attract businesses and industries that require access to adequate, dependable water supplies.  In addition, Windsor currently has its raw water treated by neighboring communities, at a price.


Access to a reliable supply of raw water rights, related transmission networks, and treatment facilities, is a critical component of Windsor's future.  Most likely, this issue will best be resolved on a regional basis, through complex inter-governmental agreements with surrounding communities, county governments, and private water companies.


Windsor is blessed with a beautiful lake and is bisected by the Cache la Poudre, a designated Wild & Scenic river. The Town also has a wonderful network of parks, trails, and open space.  But as Windsor has grown, not all of the areas of new development have remained connected. The Town needs to do a better job of creating a detailed plan to connect all of its wonderful resources in a way that is accessible by all residents - whether by bicycle, walking, or jogging.  This plan will also allow us to make sure we preserve the necessary open spaces and trail easements to execute on that plan as funds are available.


I believe strongly that government should be limited and have only the necessary staff and administration to provide the planning, execution, and maintenance of the elements described above.  With that, the Town must also have the right ordinances in place to ensure compliance with applicable Federal, State, and County laws and rules.  Beyond these requirements, the Town should be prudent in using limited regulation to preserve a healthy, competitive business environment and one that welcomes new private investment in our community.